ANDALUCES ASPHALT CONCRETE S.A. (HORMACESA) was established in December 1983 in the capital of the province of Granada, establishing itself in the construction sector through the execution of road works, building, paving and all kinds of civil works in general. A few years later, in 1989, the first hot mix bituminous production plant was acquired, located in Las Canteras, in Atarfe, a few kilometers from Granada capital. With this, specialization in the manufacture, paving and spreading of bituminous pavements began. Today, with four decades of experience in the sector, HORMACESA has become a leading company in the construction and paving sector throughout the Andalusian autonomous community. Currently, HORMACESA has a total of 4 hot chipboard production plants located in Atarfe (Granada), Loja (Granada), Alcolea (Córdoba) and Níjar (Almería). In addition, it manages one more co-owned plant, with the name of Asfaltos Bayasa and located in the municipality of Baeza (Jaén). Likewise, we also have a mobile cold particleboard plant, available to transport to any point that is required. All this industrial park is reinforced with five complete paving equipment. The area of ​​influence is mainly focused on the Andalusian Community, establishing delegations in the cities of ALMERIA, CÓRDOBA, HUELVA, JAÉN, MÁLAGA AND SEVILLA, and maintaining the company's headquarters in GRANADA. In recent years, there has been a commitment to a national expansion of the field of activity, developing different projects outside the Andalusian community, such as in Ceuta, Melilla, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Extremadura, Galicia or Catalonia, and establishing a new permanent office in MADRID. HORMACESA has always been committed to business growth supported by technical and professional quality, with a large, young and multidisciplinary human team, as well as an Integrated Quality, Environment and Prevention Management System that allows it to carry out works to our clients, both public and private, with the maximum guarantees.


1983 Constitution of the company

1989 Acquisition of the first asphalt plant

2019 First Delegation outside the Andalusian Autonomous Community (Madrid)

2021 Acquisition of the fifth asphalt plant (Níjar Plant, Almería)






We have professionals in all the branches necessary to offer the highest quality: technical architects...





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