HORMACESA, as developed in its Quality Policy, has the commitment and priority of providing the highest level of quality in the work to be carried out. With this objective, it develops a constant improvement in the execution procedures used, always looking for the optimal materials for each activity and carrying out a renovation and strict maintenance of the machinery and tools used; Complying in a solvent way with the requirements of our clients. Based on these provisions, HORMACESA has a certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.


Those truly responsible for HORMACESA satisfactorily solving the numerous projects carried out throughout its professional career are its employees. For this reason, the company is aware of the importance of caring for the safety of all of them, working at all times to prevent accidents and eliminate occupational risks. In this sense, HORMACESA has qualified personnel specifically dedicated to ensuring that the established Occupational Health and Safety requirements set forth in Law 31/1995 on the prevention of Occupational Risks and in Royal Decree 1627/1997 on Minimum Provisions are met. Safety and Health in Construction Works. This commitment is manifested with an Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified in accordance with ISO 45001:2018.


HORMACESA is aware of the importance of respect for the environment. For this reason, the company shows a serious commitment to minimizing polluting emissions, carrying out an arduous monitoring of the state of the machinery to guarantee that they comply with the relevant emission restrictions at all times. In this sense, the company is adhered to the Andalusian Emissions Compensation System (SACE), which supposes a voluntary agreement through which it assumes the commitment to annually present an audit of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the approved methodology. by the Junta de Andalucía, as well as establishing an emission reduction objective and putting it into practice. Likewise, HORMACESA trains and educates its employees based on this environmental policy, promoting the collection and recycling of waste in each work centre, transferring it to an authorized management centre; as well as in the reuse of materials, in the use of raw materials from recycling and the adoption of habits aimed at energy efficiency at work. Based on these provisions, HORMACESA has an Environmental Management System certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 50001:2018.


The construction sector is experiencing a continuous development of techniques and methodologies that, at the same time, mark the changes in society towards a future that is more respectful of the environment, with workers and with society itself. At HORMACESA we want to be part of this constant social progress and for this reason, we currently have projects under development aimed at the use of residual materials for the manufacture of new bituminous mixtures, reinforcement of the agglomerate layers and their optimization; betting on a transition towards more ecological and functional pavements. Likewise, we have implemented several documentation management tools for better organization and communication between the different levels of our company, creating a much simpler and more structured environment.

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