Select the temporary union made up of Acsa and Hormacesa, whose economic offer is 3,825,000 euros

Almost eight months after the hiring of the regeneration works on Carretería street was put out to tender, there is white smoke. The contracting table has just proposed the award of this project to the temporary union of companies made up of Acsa and Hormacesa for a value of 3,825,000 euros (VAT included). The amount offered represents a reduction of 1,135,634 euros (almost 23%) compared to the tender price.

According to the details provided by the Councilor for Territory Planning, Raúl López, this proposal contemplates the formalization of 1,400 daily wages during the development of the works, for which an initial period of 18 months is estimated. A total of 31 firms had attended this call.

With this step, which has been delayed, the City Council paves the way to start the actions on this axis of the Historic Center. One of the conditions that weighs on the action is that due to the fact that it is nourished by 80% of European funds, coming from the Edusi plan, the work must be completed within a maximum period. In this case with December 2022 as a reference. Although the award has now been announced, there is a period of several weeks available for possible appeals. If there is no variation, the contract will be formalized and that will be the moment in which the meter can be activated.

The intervention seems complicated. Not only because of the affectation it has on an important axis of the old town, but also because of the demand by the Delegation of Culture that before promoting the works, a series of archaeological surveys be carried out along the entire route.

The outlined roadmap contemplates the division of the scenario into seven physical and temporary stages, so that each one is completed before moving on to the next. The first of the steps, according to the project, will take place in the part of Carretería closest to the Tribuna de los Pobres, including its reform.

As for the axis, the transformation will make both Carretería and Álamos have a single level. The great variation, in addition to the renovation of the pavements, will be noted in the significant reduction that will be made in the space destined for passing traffic. In this sense, a reduction of 21% in the average daily intensity of vehicles (currently around 6,000 vehicles) is expected along an axis that has been operating for years as a kind of ring road around the Center.

Being one of the most relevant of the known adjudications, it is not the only one. To this must be added the proposal for the Verosa-Acer joint venture to undertake the fourth phase of the San Rafael Park, with an execution value of 2,078,000 euros (almost 800,000 euros less).

The burial of the 66 KV D/C unified Ramos-Viso line will be developed by Eiffage for 1,540,000 euros; the offprint for the refurbished urbanization project in the Peri Carril de Orozco sector, by the Trafisa-Sercli joint venture, for 1,160,000 euros; and the channeling of the Rebanadilla stream, in Campanillas, by Martín Casillas, for 707,000 euros.

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